Facilities & Services

Homes and Services

Homes at St Basil’s have a village-like feel, with gardens, social spaces, cafes and hair salons. 

Our bedrooms are designed with a built-in wardrobe, bedside table, armchair, adjustable bed, window treatments, call buttons, and a smart TV. 

Natural light, adjustable lighting and an individual air-conditioner, ensure that our bedrooms are comfortable for everyone. We also encourage residents to make their room their own, by adding their own personal touches. 

Our experienced café or kitchen chefs prepare meals with the freshest ingredients from a seasonally changing menu, with a choice of meals throughout the day. 

On-site laundry and maintenance services means that housekeeping is always done so our residents can focus on living well.

To learn more about living well at St Basil’s and the services we provide, go to Your Journey at St Basil’s (SA) Homes

Please contact our Welcome team on (08) 7424 0998 or email welcome@stbasils.com.au to discuss your accommodation needs, or to organise a tour of your closest St Basil’s home at either the Aegean Village at Christie Downs, Croydon Park or St Peters.  

Plateia: Day Respite Program

Replicating the community spirit behind a town square, Plateia is a half-day Respite Program hosted weekly at St Basil’s. 

Plateia promotes wellbeing through interaction, cultural activities and access to allied health professionals in one convenient location. Plateia encourages participants to create social connections, share memories and enjoy life outside their home, with the support of accredited carers and volunteers. 

To enquire about Plateia, contact our Community Services Manager on (08) 7424 0915 or email PlateiaCoordinator@stbasils.com.au.

As a chef, I am so proud to be part of the St Basil's catering team. Our food starts with the very best and freshest ingredients, and from there we create traditional and modern recipes with chef’s specials and resident choices. It’s a fantastic environment for a chef to work in, and I know that I am helping our residents to live well every day!

- Penny Huang, Chef