Quality is a goal of everything we do at St Basil’s. Our staff proudly ‘own’ maintaining and improving the service and care they provide, and always ask ‘How can we do things better?’

At St Basil’s we have a Care and Quality Advocate – a role that is unique to us. Our Care and Quality Advocate helps residents and their loved ones share any concerns they may have and then advocates and facilitates resolutions and policy change if required. 

This role has been put in place to ensure that the care offered by St Basil’s remains responsive to the changing needs of our residents.

Aged Care Quality Standards

In July 2019, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission introduced a new set of eight Quality Standards. Each standard is about an aspect of care that contributes to our residents’ safety, health and wellbeing.

At St Basil’s everything we do each and every day, contributes to meeting and exceeding these standards.

Safety of our residents

In April 2021 the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission introduced the Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS). This scheme is an initiative to help prevent and reduce incidents of abuse and neglect in residential aged care services subsidised by the Australian Government. 

At St Basil’s we comply with (SIRS) and always strive to improve the safety of our residents. 

Rights of our residents

The Australian Government provides a Charter of Aged Care Rights that all accredited aged care providers endorse.

At St Basil’s, we fully endorse these rights. In addition, we add our values of ‘courtesy and kindness’ and we expect these values are shown to our residents & their loved ones, staff and volunteers.

For more information about our Quality approach, contact our Care and Quality Advocate, Milja Lanzoni on 0428 088 378 or via feedback@stbasils.com.au

As a chef, I am so proud to be part of the St Basil's catering team. Our food starts with the very best and freshest ingredients, and from there we create traditional and modern recipes with chef’s specials and resident choices. It’s a fantastic environment for a chef to work in, and I know that I am helping our residents to live well every day!

- Penny Huang, Chef