About Us

St Basil's Homes (SA) provides aged care facilities and services to South Australians at our residential aged care facilities in Christie Downs, Croydon Park and St Peters. 

Although we operate under the auspices of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, St Basil’s Homes (SA) is separately incorporated and independently managed.

We invite you to tour a St Basil's home near you and experience our approach to living well at every age. 

To find out more or book a tour, contact our Welcome Team on (08) 7424 0998 or email welcome@stbasils.com.au

What does “care” mean at St Basil’s?

When we talk about ‘care’ at St Basil’s we mean more than clinical care. For us, it’s about providing care that ensures our residents’ health, spiritual, emotional, social, nutritional, and physical needs are all met.

Living well at St Basil’s requires a team approach from our experienced staff who work closely with our residents, their loved ones and health providers to deliver high quality care. 

At your family home, everyone knows you. At St Basil’s, we work to make sure that it’s the same at your new home with us.

To learn more about living well at St Basil’s, go to Your Journey at St Basil’s (SA) Homes.

Our beliefs and values

At St Basil's we believe that all people regardless of ethnicity, race, gender and age are entitled to high quality aged care. 

Our staff work individually with each resident, their loved ones, and a team of health professionals, to ensure that our residents’ needs are understood and met. 

Our residents have spent their lifetimes building families and communities; we remember this contribution with our gratitude and demonstrate our respect through our commitment to making sure that our residents can live well at any age.

At St Basil’s we strive to provide the best quality care and always ensure that our values of ‘courtesy and kindness’ shine through in everything we do.

Who is St Basil?

St Basil the Great (330-379AD) is honoured in the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican and other Christian Churches for his role in shaping Christianity. 

St Basil was one of the three Hierarchs of the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches, known as the first Bishop to establish orphanages and homes for the elderly and for his generosity and care of the poor and underprivileged. His devotion to acts of charity and his community lie at the heart of St Basil's Homes.

“A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.”  St Basil

As a chef, I am so proud to be part of the St Basil's catering team. Our food starts with the very best and freshest ingredients, and from there we create traditional and modern recipes with chef’s specials and resident choices. It’s a fantastic environment for a chef to work in, and I know that I am helping our residents to live well every day!

- Penny Huang, Chef