St Basil's Homes (SA) is a not-for-profit provider of residential care across three metropolitan Adelaide facilities with an expert approach to providing culturally and linguistically diverse (“CALD”) services.  The diversity of cultures within St Basil’s is celebrated and supported either through daily operations and at staff and resident events.

Quality is a goal of everything we do and is identified as a part of everybody’s work. It is embedded in the attitudes of all management and staff members of the organisation. We ask “How can we do things better?”

The Care Advocate role was introduced in 2017. This role offers an exclusive service for residents and families to communicate any significant and/or recurring concerns. The Care Advocate then advocates and facilitates resolutions and policy change if necessary to ensure that the care offered by St Basil’s remains responsive to the changing needs of our residents.

Residents and families are actively encouraged to contribute to community life at St Basil’s by attending fortnightly Resident “Let’s Talk” meetings; utilising onsite suggestion boxes and engaging with their Residential Manager and other Corporate Staff, including an Internal Auditor, who regularly visit sites. Periodically throughout the year, community meetings are held to announce developments or introduce new staff to residents and families. Targeted continuous improvement initiatives are also discussed and monitored at these meetings.

Day to day, signage and notices are provided in Greek and English with the option to include other languages as required by our residents; quick reference guides listing commonly used phrases and words in English-Greek and Greek-English are available to staff; meals are influenced by the Mediterranean tempered with typically Australian flavours; and staff and volunteers with bilingual skills are welcomed. All staff are expected to understand and demonstrate cross-cultural sensitivity and St Basil’s actively engages with international graduates offering them 6-month internships to build international relationships and, importantly, bring accents and stories into the facility that are familiar to our residents. Familiarity builds confidence, which is evidenced by greater interaction and participation by residents - in daily life, regular onsite activities and excursions – who otherwise opt to retreat.

The Industry Standards in Aged Care form the basis of the service that St Basil’s offers. Our commitment is to exceed the expectations of these Standards, because that is where we experience the real confidence in the care that we offer. It is how we ensure that “Living Well” is honoured.

For more information about our Quality approach, contact our Care Advocate on 08 74240956 or via feedback@stbasils.com.au

To the staff - keep accommodating the needs and wishes of those living within your facilities and their relatives! Well done.

- Anna